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Q—How many Veterans are there in North Carolina?
A—There are 800,000+ Veterans from various military branches living in North Carolina

Q—Are all of these Veterans men?
A—By no means is that the case. There are more than 87,000 female Veterans living in the state.

Q—That is a lot of people. How is that?
A—North Carolina has one of the highest percentage of Veterans as part of the total state populations in the country. When you consider the total population count of Veterans and their related family members, it approaches 20% of the total population of North Carolina.

Q—Why so many military men and women in North Carolina?
A—Every branch of the service is represented within the North Carolina boundaries and the state hosts some of the largest military installations in the country for both Army and Marines.

How you can help 

  • The very first thing that anyone can do is to make sure that any Veteran that they know is aware of the NCVRAC web site and checks out the many agencies and organizations that exist to help them.
  • It would be outstanding if anyone who cares about our Veterans makes sure that the Veterans (or a family member) attend one of the sessions, conferences or summits that the NCDVA, the VA/VHA will be hosting across the state in the months to come. The first will be the 2014 Women Veterans Summit & Expo that will be held on April 17, 2014 at the North Carolina National Guard headquarters in Raleigh. The focus of this summit is to “Empower, Educate and Enrich” women Veterans in North Carolina.  www.ncvrac.org/2014Summit
  • If you so choose to support the NCVRAC mission, please feel free to go to the “Donate” option on the web site and contribute as you can. If your employer or company supports our Veterans, then please make sure that they are aware of NCVRAC and the fact that we operate as a Non-Profit Organization (501c3/IRS approval pending) and would welcome their support.

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